Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Artist, Actor Tony Curtis in Studio

Okay, so we were recently hired by Energy Times Magazine out of New York to photograph Tony Curtis. How cool is that? We were thrilled to have the chance to meet this "Living Legend.". The story was about Tony and wife, Jill, who opened a little gem of a spot in the middle of the desert, the Shiloh Horse Rescue, in which these two are boot deep doing wonderful things for abused animals. But, besides being a legendary actor and philanthropist, Tony is also an accomplished artist. We took some shots out at the ranch, and then Tony and Jill invited us to their home where we shot some pics of Tony in his art studio. While there, we noticed a bunch of quirky little shadow boxes lining the walls . Our assistant, Todd Miller, and I were completely blown away by these things. Turns out Tony is like a magician, constantly creating these wonderful little 3-D vignettes out of a million little pieces. Made up of mementos and plethora's of found objects, they pull together to be really something special. Tony has been doing these since he was a teenager. The crazy part of this whole shoot is that somewhere in the conversation, I managed to talk him into doing a book on these things. I can't believe it had never occurred to him before, so now I am working on shooting these little beauties so the world can leer at them, too. You might ask, how do shadow boxes translate to a 2-D image? Gotta tell you, kind of Rock Star like !


  1. I'd be interested in seeing that book because I've always been a fan of Joseph Cornell's box assemblages. That is, if Mr. Curtis's are in that same vein. From what I see behind him it seems they sort of are. - Mark