Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rita Rudner

Oh my~ I don't think anyone realizes just how beautiful Rita Rudner really is. What sticks in your mind, is how wickedly funny she is, how polished and understated, but most of all, how she makes everyone in the room feel special. So it always surprises us when we sit down after a shoot with her, and look at her in digital form. Then you see it- how incredibly lovely she really is. When we were asked recently to go shoot her in her very mod high-rise, for Hello Canada! Magazine, we jumped at the chance. About 7 years ago we were lucky enough to spend a day with her, doing her new promotional photography for her upcoming book, Tickled Pink. In twenty years of doing this photo gig, Greg and I will remember that day as one of the best. We laughed all day long, because Rita is not just funny on stage; she eeks funny from a "corner of your eye" kind of way. It was great to be inside her personal domain this time, getting to meet her very clever and personable British husband and cute-as-a-button daughter. Damn, even her dog was great. What can you say, some people just put the pieces of the puzzle together all the time.

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