Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mad Men Photoshoot

    Mad Artists and Writers (standing) From left to right Nick Meglin, Tom Richmond,
    Don Duck Edwing, Sam Viviano, (Seated) From left to right: Jack Davis, Sergio Aragones,
    and Al Jaffee

Last weekend the National Cartoonist Society had their annual meeting and Reuben Awards dinner here in Las Vegas at The Green Valley Ranch Resort; how cool is that? In the past, thanks to my book project, The Artist Within, I was able to attend several of these events, but for me this was the best yet!  Thanks to Bill Morrison and NCS President Tom Richmond, our studio crew was able to set up and take these photographs of the amazing artists & writers of Mad Magazine. This year the NCS brought out several of the great artists from Mad Magazine for their Mad Men event and cocktail party. The Mad artists and writers included Jack Davis, Nick Meglin, Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee,  Don "Duck" Edwing, Tom Richmond, and Sam Viviano. Our idea was to photograph just the artists first and then in the style of the television show, Mad Men, bringing in some stunning women dressed in 1960's period clothes to round out the shot. We loved the results, but let us know what you think. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped make the pics a success... Our first assistant and astounding digitech: Todd Miller, Amazing Models: Mona Burns & Lynn Vacek, Prop Stylist: Nina Van Beck, 2nd and 3rd Assistants: Kent Lawler, Chris Preston, and of course my incredible partner, Sharon Sampsel. A special thank you to Dean Fueroghne for helping facilitate this, and GVR's Kyle Markman for letting us take over part of the hotel, and also to Green Valley Ranch Resort, the classy and perfect venue for this shoot

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  1. The concept in itself was fantastic. The execution, masterful. Personally, I prefer just the artists, it has a Godfather-ish feel that some how seems appropriate to the group. Very cool.